Monday, June 05, 2006

Canadian Home Grown

Talk about troubling...

A lot of Canadians want a place on the world stage that befits our perceived status. I still recall the shock and dismay I felt when I found out that Canada barely made it into the G7. Despite our geographical riches, we were the little guy on the world stage.

Fast forward a bunch of years and the modern hallmark of importance is whether you're a target for Islamic extremists. Sure I feel safe because I don't live anywhere near a realistic terrorist target, but at least now my country is one!

Born and raised Canadian, a group of men still manage to hate the West enough to plan to blow up something in Toronto.

Welcome to the big time, Canada.

Meanwhile, think-tank folks have thrown down the gauntlet saying the CN Tower can't be toppled. Did you hear that, radicals? Your work on the WTS was horribly impressive, but just try to bring down our CN Tower! Betcha can't!


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