Thursday, April 23, 2009

Marking Steyn

Surprisingly, perhaps, my first ever exposure to Mark Steyn's writing and ideologies came from an article published in MacLean's magazine. Having received my first issue since and because the Canadian edition of Time was cancelled, I had to read this article about three times before it sunk in that MacLean's actually published this stuff. I thought maybe a few pages of the National Review slipped into my magazine.

I am all for reading arguments on all sides of the issues, but it was a disappointing introduction to a writer who may have a few worthwhile ideas. I can't help but laugh at the idea that TARP money is being forced on bankers. Maybe one bank somewhere, dug up and exemplified in the piece, but AIG and the rest were only too eager to lap the bail out all up from both administrations -- and then snarl like junkyard dogs at the idea that homeowners might get a piece.

The writing may indeed be on the wall. I suspect the writing has been on the wall since the 70s. Is Steyn really in the camp that blames the "hopeychanger-in-chief" for the many crises we face? If he is, he is just as hopeless as the law students who launched a ridiculous human rights action against MacLean's for publishing an excerpt from his book.

In any case, I will continue to read Steyn's contributions to MacLeans -- even if he has cast his lot with Rush Limbaugh. Can't blame a man for wanting to sell books.


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