Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Holding Back the Year

Do you ever Google yourself? I do it every now and then. Just enough so I need glasses, but not enough to make me go blind, of course.

I Googled myself today and was pleasantly surprised. The first few times I Googled Darren Priest (yeah, Skip is just my nom de déranger le merde), I came up with a an unfortunate number of Darren Priest hits. None of them were me, but some of them might have people I knew in college thinking it was me. And it was kind of embarrassing. I would never describe myself as a "dumb linguistic virtuoso." I am just a cunning linguist.

Anyways, Google evolves. And now on the first page you can see this article.

Ah, it brings back fond memories to a whopping year and a half ago. Simpler times. It's remarkable how much things have changed since that article was written. But as they say, "Plus la change, plus le mêmes choses."


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